Eastside Fire & Rescue Firefighters, IAFF Local 2878
5th Legislative District Democrats
Latino Caucus of Democratic Party
Maple Valley Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 3062
Washington Education Association PAC
Young Democrats of Washington

Official titles of individuals are listed for identification purposes only and are not intended to imply organizational endorsements.

Adam Smith, U.S. Representative, 9th Congressional District
Dow Constantine, Executive, King County
Ron Sims, Former Executive, King County
Jay Arnold, City Council Member, Kirkland
Lesley Austin, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Bob Baggett, City Council Member, Auburn
Claudia Balducci, County Council Member, King County
Eileen Barber, Former City Council Member, Issaquah
Dr. Avanti Bergquist, School Board Director, Renton
Steve Bergquist, State Representative, 11th District
Mariah Bettise, City Council Member, Issaquah
Angela Birney, City Council Member, Redmond
Susan Bouncy-Sanders, City Council Member, Woodinville
Fred Butler, Former Mayor & City Council Member, Issaquah
Lisa Callan, School Board Director, Issaquah
Randy Corman, City Council Member, Renton
Denise Daniels, School Board Director, Kent
Barbara DeMichele, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Devina Duerr, City Council Member, Bothell
Connie Fletcher, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Ava Frisinger, Former Mayor & City Council Member, Issaquah
Mary Jane Glaser
Phyllis Gutierrez-Kenney, Former State Representative, 46th District
Gloria Hatcher-Mays, Commissioner, Fire District 10
Mary Margaret Haugen, Former State Senator, 10th District
Dennis Higgins, City Council Member, Kent
Kathleen Huckabay, Former Mayor & City Council Member, Sammamish
Victoria Hunt, City Council Member, Issaquah
Russell Joe, Former City Council Member, Issaquah
Dave Kappler, Former City Council Member, Issaquah
Karen Keiser, State Senator, 33rd District
Patty Kuderer, State Senator, 48th District
Matt Larson, Mayor, Snoqualmie
Kim Lisk, Mayor, Carnation
Hank Margeson, City Council Member, Redmond
Chris Marks, Former School Board Director, Bellevue
Tola Marts, City Council Member, Issaquah
Marcie Maxwell, Former State Representative, 41st District
James Mayhew, City Council Member, Snoqualmie
Geoffery McAnalloy, School Board Director, Federal Way
Joan McBride, State Representative, 48th District
Ryan McIrvin, City Council Member, Renton
James McNeal, City Council Member, Bothell
Mark Mullet, State Senator, 5th District
Tom Odell, Former Mayor & City Council Member, Sammamish
Amy Ockerlander, Mayor & City Council Member, Duvall
Jon Pascal, City Council Member, Kirkland
Guy Palumbo, State Senator, 1st District
Ed Prince, City Council Member, Renton
Jason Ritchie, City Council Member, Sammamish
Chris Roberts, City Council Member, Shoreline
Lynne Robinson, City Council Member, Bellevue
Kathryn Ross, City Council Member, Snoqualmie
Cindy Ryu, State Representative, 32nd District
Rebecca Saldana, State Senator, 37th District
Josh Schaer, Former City Council Member, Issaquah
Tana Senn, State Representative, 41st District
Carol Simpson, City Council Member, Newcastle
Vandana Slatter, State Representative, 48th District
Larry Springer, State Representative, 45th District
John Stokes, City Council Member & Former Mayor, Bellevue
Pamela Stuart, City Council Member, Sammamish
Penny Sweet, City Council Member & Former Mayor, Kirkland
My-Linh Thai, School Board Director, Bellevue
Carol Van Noy, School Board Director, Riverview
Javier Valdez, State Representative, 46th District
Lisa Wellman, State Senator, 41st District

Erin Albanese, Sammamish
Corinne Alef, Snoqualmie
Susan Appleton, Sammamish
Terri Bates, Hobart
Joe Beernink, Issaquah
Lloyd Buster, Ravensdale
Jen Carter, Snoqualmie
Dominic Dams, Snoqualmie
Dorothy Finlay, Snoqualmie
Sonia Foss, Hobart
Robin Gitelman, Sammamish
Steve Hawley, Ravensdale
James Hoge, Maple Valley
John House, Snoqualmie
Rituja Indapure, Sammamish
Ken Konigsmark
Tanya Lavoy, Snoqualmie
Roger Ledbetter, Snoqualmie
Rebecca Maljak, Issaquah
Nina Martinez
John O’Brien, Issaquah
Estela Ortega, El Centro de la Raza
Marion Palo, Issaquah
Sarah Perry, Issaquah
Chris Petzold, Issaquah
Santiago Ramos
Bob Reeder, Renton
Gretchen & Rogrigo Richter de Medeiros, Fall City
KC Shankland, Maple Valley
Karen Stevens, Issaquah
Robin Stroben, Maple Valley
Maryanne Tagney Jones, Seattle & Black Diamond
Michelle Young, Black Diamond